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January Athlete of the Month – Felicity Splatt

By Robyn Challands | In Blog Articles, Blog Posts | on February 4, 2017

Today we are celebrating CrossFit Victoria’s January Athlete of the Month, Flick Splatt!!!

Flick has been working incredibly hard over the past month.  After being injured, she has committed herself to her rehab program and the improvements have been incredible.  Watching her movement patterns improve in leaps and bounds of the last few months has made all of us coaches very proud.

It’s easy to get derailed by an injury and let it get the better of you, however, Flick has shown remarkable resilience and defiance.  We are so delighted to award her this months AOTM accolade and look forward to seeing her get better and better every day!

Head Coach Amelia said; “Flick is the silent achiever… she has been working hard on improving her movement, maintaining control when training as well as getting strong.

“She is a massive part of our community, always happy to help out at competitions and support our members during events.
“She has also been a massive inspiration to other members of our community. Helping them reach new and exciting PBs! Which is just amazing”

Coach Amanda said; “Flick is a huge inspiration at the gym. Hugely dedicated to her rehab and bettering her movement. She has stayed patient, focused and trusting in her coaches and program and it has shown. She has been killing it and moving so well. She is such a supportive and encouraging member of our community – her love for other members is equal to her love for new Paleo bar flavours, and that is huge!”

Senior Coach Adam said; “Im so proud of how far Flick has come! After being injured she really committed to her rehab program. She has focused on her movement and taking it one step at time all while being a massive member of the community. She always has a positive attitude whenever she comes into the gym and I can’t wait to see how far she can go in the future!”

Coach Kate said; “Flick has been such an inspiration. Always working on bettering her movement and pushing herself beyond the limits. Ps totally love her costumes for the in-house comps”

Coach Laura said; “Flick has been an awesome addition to the Vic community. She has shown that dedication and consistency really pays off when working through injuries. Great to see her rocking it in the WODs and cheering on her fellow WOD buddies.”


Hope you all enjoyed her WOD today… it was a good one 😉

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