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February Athlete of the Month – Adrian Purifcato

By Robyn Challands | In Blog Articles | on February 18, 2017

CrossFit Victoria, Fitzroy, Melbourne

Today we are celebrating this month’s Athlete of the Month; Adrian (Bumble) Purificato!

When we asked the coaches to say a few words about Adrian, there was definitely a theme.  Adrian is one of the most delightful members to coach – he listens and takes on feedback, he brings a great attitude and community spirit to every class, he never hesitates when helping out other members, and he has brilliant taste in music (very important, obviously)!

What is most impressive about him (and you will see below that all the coaches attest to this), is that, despite injuries and set backs, his spirit never waivers and always brings a positive energy to the gym.  We never fail to be impressed by his commitment, his spirit and his determination to be and do the best he can do.

Adrian and his beautiful wife Steph are also expecting their first child and the entire staff at CrossFit Victoria wholeheartedly wish them all best – you’re going to be amazing parents!

Check out all the awesome things our coaches had to say about Adrian!

Head Coach Amelia said: “Ever since Adrain walked through the doors at CrossFit Victoria he has been one of our most outstanding members, so friendly and welcoming to everyone and always there to cheer people on and help them out. He always has a massive smile on his even when he is dying in the WOD haha.”
“Adrian has been dealing with injuries the last few months but he never lets it get him down. He works through them and focuses on making his body move better as well as feel better.”
Senior Coach Adam said: “What a guy! Adrian is a massive part of the CFVic community and always the first person to greet new members of the gym. He is always looking to improve as an athlete as well as having a laugh every time he comes to class!”
Coach Laura said: “Adrian is one of the most amazing members of our community. He’s always there to cheer on the person next to him, give you a hello and a high five, and introduce himself to the newest member of CFVic. He always has a smile on his face and a positive attitude in the gym. He embodies community spirit and is one of the kindest people I know. It’s always been a pleasure to both coach and train along side Adrian.”
Coach Shane said “Adrian is an absolute delight to coach. He is always so eager to learn new things and improve as an athlete. He’s a very good listener and takes everything you say on board! I know he has been dealing with quite a few injuries in the past but whats awesome is that he never lets it get the better of him and always finds ways to work around it to keep on improving!! Adrian is a humble bumble, friendly and just a good bloke overall
Coach Amanda said: “Adrian is an absolute legend, delight to coach and all round nice guy. He never hesitates to help or give advice to a new member and is an awesome part of our community.
He is hard working, dedicated and has really committed to bettering himself through all aspects of his training and lifestyle.”

“Adrian is always on the ready to put some sweet jams on and adds a wonderful spice to the gym with his beautiful bumble wife. He’s an awesome friend to all and going to be an amazing Dad and athlete in the future. Excited for what’s ahead for ze Greek!

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