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Mason Dannatt

'There is no reason to be alive, if you cannot do deadlift' - Jon Pall Sigmarson, 4 time worlds strongest man

Where did it all start?

I began CrossFit 5 years ago. I was fairly unfit, and had no strength base at all. I had some hiking experience, but thats it.

Why CrossFit?

Of the three principals of CrossFit, it is the constantly varied and functional movements that have me hooked. Learning new skills all the time, and applying them to everyday life is what has transformed my life.

Favourite thing about CrossFit?

My two favorite things are snatching, an incredibly technical lift that takes a lifetime to master, and lifting awkward objects, the polar opposite of the snatch, requiring all round brute strength to achieve a similar result.


I have recently completed the CrossFit Victoria level 2 intern program, which provided a wide range of coaching experience, not just on technique, but all aspects of what it takes to be a good coach. I completed a seminar with Dmitry Klokov, the legendary olympic lifter, and trained with Brandon Morrison, a top level strongman in the US. Outside of Crossfit, I also host strongman seminars in CrossFit gyms, which is allowing me to work with lots of other people and in different environments.


CrossFit L1

CFVIC CDP L1 and 2

CF strongman certified


First aid L2

Bachelor of engineering (electronics, first class honors)

Favourite Quote:

‘There is no reason to be alive, if you cannot do deadlift’ – Jon Pall Sigmarson, 4 time worlds strongest man