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George Iacono

“Specialization is for insects” Robert A. Heinlein

Coach and resident Kettlebell Konnoisseur at CrossFit Victoria


Where did it all start? 

Never really exercised before, and was never into sports. In fact, years ago I was pretty unfit and out of shape, so I joined a local gym to “get fit”. This worked initially but then I stumbled upon CrossFit through fitness magazines and started doing CrossFit.com WODs on my own at the local gym. This was when things really took off!

It was fun, I was getting great results and it was a little addictive, too. So I decided to join a CrossFit gym. It was late 2009 when I signed up at CFV. Started out as a client, then an intern and now a coach.

Why CrossFit?

I love the mix of movements in CrossFit. Everyone has their favourites, but we also have those movements that challenge us. So you are never left bored. There is always something to work on or improve upon.

Favourite thing about CrossFit? 

The community aspect of CrossFit is something I really appreciate. It helps transform going to the gym into a much more engaging (and fun) experience, not just lifting weights or working out. Through CrossFit I have met great people, from diverse backgrounds, which I would never have met otherwise.


Through CrossFit I was introduced to kettlebells, which are a great tool for building strength and developing conditioning. And they can also help improve mobility too.

I enjoyed kettlebells so much that I trained to become a kettlebell instructor in 2013. And in 2015 I trained towards Level 2 certification. It was through kettlebells that I really appreciated the importance of good mobility.

So I now use many of the lessons I’ve learnt though kettlebell and mobility training in my CrossFit classes.


CrossFit Level I Trainer

ASCA Level I (Australian Strength and Conditioning Association)

RKC Level II (Russian Kettlebell Instructor)

FMS Level II (Functional Movement Screen)

Favourite Quote:

“Specialization is for insects” Robert A. Heinlein

What this basically means is that people should be prepared to do a little of everything in their lives. And CrossFit is a great starting point for achieving this goal.