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Amanda Hill

“Every thousand mile journey starts with a single footstep”

Where did it all start?

Sport, health and fitness have always just been a part of life for me.

It was cross country running with my parents through the bush as a little kid, then karate and netball in primary school.

I carried on with netball into high school representing our region multiple times and trying out for state.

I started pursuing a career in fitness 5 years after high school, starting out as a PT and getting into strength training, running and triathlon. I then had a training hiatus for a few years whilst travelling overseas and got back into it upon my return, getting into some functional fitness and Mountain bike riding.

I then walked into Crossfit Vic sep 2013 and never looked back!!

Why CrossFit?

I was working as a PT up on the coast about 9 or 10 years ago and a new trainer joined our team from America introducing us to Crossfit style training.  Dabbled in it for a little while before leaving to travel for a few years. Upon returning I started lifting in a gym and doing a bit of functional style training myself and started riding and racing Mountain bikes, thanks to the forceful arm twist from my sister. But something was still missing, I was having fun but needed more. I remembered those sessions with that trainer years ago and started researching.

I found Crossfit Vic, and found what was missing.  I found an awesome community, fantastic coaching, competition for my competitive soul, I found snatching and Olympic lifting, my new love. I found new and never ending challenges to conquer every day. I found the need to improve myself and be better than I was yesterday. I found again my passion for fitness and wanting to teach and share it with others and I found my amazing second family!

Favourite thing about CrossFit?

I love love love snatching and split jerking!!!  But I also love the variety, its always exciting and never boring. I love the strongman element to Crossfit but also love the other end of the scale, the high intensity, athletic WODS .

More than that though, I love being in a job where I can now share my passion for all theses things and am a part of our members Crossfit journey. Its so exciting being able to show people what their bodies are capable of, things they never even considered possible; to help them improve their movement patterns and mobility, to hit big goals and PB’s and just generally improve their every day life.


Coach – CF Victoria April ’16 – Current

Coaching Development Program – Crossfit Victoria 2015 – 2016

Personal Trainer – 2007 – Nov 2010

Life Guard training and Bronze Medallion – 2010


Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Certificate 3 + 4 in fitness

First Aid + CPR

Bronze Medalion

Favourite Quote:

“Every thousand mile journey starts with a single footstep”

“Fortune favours the brave”