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Adam Earnshaw

“The only place where success comes before work is the dictionary”

Where did it all start?

I have always been involved in sport from a young age. I have played a number of different sports with my main focus on both rugby union and rugby league. I played both codes for over 10 years and went on to play at the state level.

After I had finished playing rugby I then stumbled upon Crossfit after watching the 2011 Crossfit Games on ESPN. From there I started watching youtube videos and tried out the workouts at my local gym. I officially started Crossfit in 2012 and since then I’ve never looked back!

Why CrossFit?

Crossfit provides an environment where you can push yourself and challenge yourself both mentally and physically. After losing motivation due to training by myself Crossfit opened my eyes and reminded me of why I love training. It provided me with a like minded community who were to motivate and push each other to become healthier versions of themselves.

Favourite thing about CrossFit?

My favourite component of Crossfit is that anyone can do it! Regardless of your training background, age or anything else we can always improve. Whether you are the fittest person in the world or an 80 year old Grandmother we can all train in a group together and enjoy living a healthy and active lifestyle.


Coach at Crossfit Tenacity (Adelaide) – 3 years

Strength and conditioning coach – Fast Twitch Performance (Adelaide), South Australian Cricket Association, South Adelaide Football Club (U16s & U18s)


Crossfit Level 1 coach

FMS Certified coach

Bachelor of Applied Science (Human movement and Health Studies) – UniSA

Masters of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning)

Level 2 ASCA Strength and Conditioning Coach

Favourite Quote:

“The only place where success comes before work is the dictionary”